I’m excited to share that I’ve become an Ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois!

The “Your Kidneys & You Program” raises awareness among the general public about kidneys, kidney disease, and ways to protect your kidneys.

As an Ambassador, I conduct educational presentations within the community, reach those who are at risk for kidney disease, and encourage them to take action by visiting their doctor and getting screened.

If you’re interested or know someone or an organization that may be interested in a kidney health presentation, please let me know! xoxo

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Register to become a kidney donor. Give the gift of life.

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Life without love is a ship without sails. #love #teatime

Self-care is the secret to happiness.

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"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

Congratulations the 2014 Little League United States World Series Champions Jackie Robinson West! You are the pride of our great city of Chicago and our country. Special thanks to the parents, relatives, friends, teachers and community supporting these kids on and off the baseball field. Hopefully their achievements will inspire us to be a country these kids could be proud of, too.